Monday, 22 October 2012

Little Holo....

Any of you following me on Twitter ( @vic1st ) will probably see the little arguement i have been having with everyone's loveable backstabbing twerp... Holocluck Henly.

For months now, he's been taking opportunities here and there to make little snide remarks about New Babbage and using the #newbabbage hash tag thingy to propogate his propoganda to all his friends.  His latest one which set me off went too far...

"Enjoying one of those rare times in #NewBabbage for a @radioriel show hosted by Mr Ed Pearse. Neutral territory without shunners' banlines"

The "shunners banlines" can be tracked back to that incident where little Holocluck said that folks in New Babbage was into "Bestiality" because they was pining after someone who was a farm animal from the waist down.  You all probably read that post i made ages ago on the subject.  After word got out about Holo saying some of the females was into bestiality, some of those females banned the little backstabbing twerp from their parcels...dont blame them to be honest.

Holo however has now went on his twitter and said that I had twisted everything he said, that it was about someone else...the VERY telling fact that it was about me and some of the regular females comes from that same blog post of his... heres the picture...

See that line, at the bottom?  The one that starts with "Update"?

That woman who was now the same species was Tess Tripsa, who started trying out a lesser detailed set of...wait for it... SATYR LEGS!  Yeah, thats right folks...and ive been wearing satyr legs for the better part of two years now...

Holo saying it wasn't about me...LMAO, his own blog blew his own argument out of the water.   Ya see thats the inherent problem with liars like holo.  They weave so many lies and doubts in their own blog posts and what they say to other people in Second Life that sooner or later...if you give them enough rope...they eventually hang themselves.  That is exactly what i done with little holo.

I sat here for months and watched as he made little snide comments about NB in twitter...and after enough time little Holo felt more relaxed, "the big evil scottish guy isnt arguing anymore" little holo probably thought...

...then i did...and he had layed out so much rope by himself, that he basically hanged himself with the "its NOT about YOU" when his own blog post puts the later events right inline with that woman being the same species as...ME!


Also the flat out blatant lies that Holo had spread about the Steampunks chat at that time becoming overly Adult in nature with regards to folks who was having a bit of fun in Steampunks is shown by anyone who is actually in the Steampunks chat.  There has been two, or maybe three instances over the past 3 years when an admin or Mr Tenk himself has had to step in and stop a conversation that was turning adult, and those two times the discussion was not about "sex" it was about two things which usually does cause a heated discussion... politics, and building.

God...i love Holo...I really do,  When he's not being an ass he's actually quite a nice helpfull bloke, the problem is, latley...he's been too much of an ass.

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